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    Attention, Members!! Several Honorary Maine State Presidents are now in college (including three who ae in their freshman years!). Show Hannah, Crystal, Abigail and Stesha some support and encouragement by sending them a card. If you need contact information for them, please contact Senior State Vice President Adam Bartow.


    From the Senior State President:  Thank you to everyone who helped make the State Conference this weekend a huge success! We were honored to have several distinguished guests, including Gov. Paul LePage, Mayor Jonathan LaBonte, Senior National President Hans Jackson, Senior National Recording Secretary Holly Lynne McKinley Schmidt, DAR State Regent Sandra Swallow and SAR State President David Manchester.

     Pictures will be coming, but check out the article in the Sunday paper of the Lewiston Sun Journal! (WGME TV was also at the meeting!)  See the article at:




    Thank you to everyone who has already submitted content for the 2013 - 2014 State President's Project of collecting stories of veterans. We have already compiled enough for a short book, but we want more! Therefore, the deadline to submit stories has been extended until the end of July 2014. Conduct interviews, ask a veteran or current service member to write something about their service, transcribe letters or diaries from veterans while they were serving. As many primary accounts as possible! Send your stories to 2012 - 2014 Senior State President Adam Bartow and help ensure that the service of these brave men and women is not forgotten.  Read more about the State Project on the State Project page or contact the Senior State President.


    Maine C.A.R. Members and Seniors attended the New England Regional Meeting held in Nashua, NH in July.  Lydia Sprague, State Vice President, represented Maine C.A.R. at the head table.  Hannah Sprague, National Chairman of the Investment Committee, put her acting skills to work as she participated in the skits that explained the National Programs.  Look for more pictures in the Photo Gallery section of this site!


    Continue to send pictures from Society events to the Senior State President. We want to see your smiling faces on our site! 

    Available for Purchase: The Maine Sheets: A 75 Year History of the Maine State Society Children of the American Revolution

    This book, written by Senior State President Adam W. Bartow, is a complete history of the Maine State Society, Children of the American Revolution 1938 - 2013. Fully illustrated in color with more than 250 pictures, this book is the first time that the history of the oldest youth patriotic organization in Maine has been chronicled. This book provides new details about the activities of this organization from members' work during World War II to present efforts to expand membership and involvement in the community. Purchase from the Senior State President at the cost of $20 per autographed copy. Proceeds support the Maine C.A.R. Operating Fund.

    Message from the State President

    Hello everyone. My name is Kasey Holland. I’ve been a firefighter for the past three years and I was a Command Sergeant Major in Hermon JROTC. I am really looking forward to working with you all for the rest of this year.

    The project that I want to work on with all of you is to record the stories of our veterans for the future generations. We cannot forget what they have done for this country. With your help we should be able to accomplish this task. You can find more details about this on the “State Project” page of this website. Thank you for the opportunity to serve the state society.

    Kasey Holland

    Maine State President 2013 - 2014

    Message from the Senior State President


    Hi everyone! It is hard to believe that my term as Senior State President is almost over. It has been an incredible two years in Maine C.A.R. We have had two great State President’s projects, membership is growing, State Conference is expanding and new people are getting involved. How exciting was it to have the Senior National President, Governor, Mayor and the media at State Conference in Auburn!

    As we start to build momentum, keep it going! Don’t take your foot off the gas pedal! We need to all work together to keep Maine C.A.R. growing and to make it as fun and fulfilling as possible for the members. Members – if you have an idea for something to do, an activity to work on, a way to be involved in the community, speak up! Tell a senior and we will do what we can. This is your organization!

    I hope to see many of you in Washington in April for National Convention or in Connecticut in July for the New England Regional meeting (details will be available on the authorized users' side of www.nscar.org). These are both GREAT opportunities to learn more about C.A.R., make some great friends and have a LOT of fun!

    I am excited about what lies ahead for Maine C.A.R. State President-Elect Alex Hanscom-Willey is ready to get going and the next Senior State President, Vrege Murray, has some great ideas and has put together a great Senior State Board. TOGETHER we will keep Maine C.A.R. going.

    It has been a distinct honor, privilege and joy to serve as your Senior State President and to work with each of you over the last two years.

    Adam W. Bartow

    Maine Senior State President 2012 - 2014